Inside Fiction: Rotimi Babatunde

by Basit Jamiu

Rotimi Babatunde is a Nigerian writer and playwright. In 2012, he won the Caine Prize for his short story “Bombay’s Republic.” Basit Jamiu spoke to him about his story on Enkare Review this week, his writing process, and things in between.

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From Juniors to Seniors: A Conversation on the World Athletics Championships

by Enkare Review

The IAAF World Under-18 championships took place in Kasarani Stadium, Nairobi, between the 12th and the 16th of July. Sanya Noel and Carey Baraka followed the championships closely, and here, they talk about the teenagers’ events and the IAAF World Championships taking place in London starting today.


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Inside Photography: Lidudumalingani

by Lydia Kasese

South African writer Lidudumalingani is a person of extraordinary talent.  He was awarded the Caine Prize for his short story ‘Memories We Lost’ and the Miles Morland Foundation Scholarship in 2016, making him the first person to accomplish that fete in a single year; something that other writers can only wish. Apart from writing and film-making, Lidudumalingani also has an eye for photography and he sometimes merges these art forms to tell incredible stories.
In this interview, he talks to Enkare Review’s Nonfiction editor, Lydia Kasese, about his photography on Enkare Review, his writing, and things in-between.

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Inside Poetry: Michael Onsando: The Making of a Canon

by Alexis Teyie

Michael Onsando is a jazz writer, and co-founder of Brainstorm Kenya. Some of his work is available on his site, Unlike Myself. Enkare Review has previously published Onsando’s A Movement on Loneliness. Alexis Teyie, Enkare Review’s poetry editor, met with Michael on a quiet Sunday in February to talk about his most recent work published with Enkare Review, The Making of a Canon, his creative philosophy, and quite a few things in between.

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