A Brief history Of Exclusion And Electoral Trauma in Kenya

by Silas Nyanchwani

© 2017, Pearl Kimemiah.

Thrice in my life have I cast a vote for my favourite presidential candidate, Odinga II Amolo Odinga. Thrice in my life my vote has not counted, neither has my voice been heard.

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Meat Bomb

by Charles King

The rip and shred of flesh being hacked and sliced and bone being broken at the centre of the circle were so distinct in the darkness it was as if it was happening inside my very head.

Except that it wasn’t.

I was sitting on my haunches on the very edge of the circle.

The dry, sparse earth was still hot from the relentless day.

I faced outwards, into the darkness and the wildness.  My hunched back shielded me from the hellish epicentre just five metres behind me.

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A Long Way From Home

by Vivian Uchechi Ogbonna

There’s a saying among the Igbos that a person who asks for directions does not lose his way.

Frankfurt: January, 2001.

“So, you want to travel all over Germany before you get there?”

The porter was burly, his English heavily-accented. The girl beside me had called his attention to my ticket. Glowering, he said I should have disembarked at a previous station from where I’d board the train to Bielefeld. I started to explain but his look scalded me into silence. I shrank into my seat, certain I was lost in this bleak, distant place. I gave him a hundred Deutschmark note, he inspected it and, seeming satisfied, issued me with another ticket. Other passengers feigned a lack of interest in the altercation, their gazes either fixed ahead or on the scenes outside the windows.

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Finding Binyavanga

by Sada Malumfashi

I am in Kaduna, finding Binyavanga. Northern Nigeria is a complicated entity, a blurry image in black and white, and Kaduna is the epicenter of that complexity. Kaduna used to be a city of one people, one identity, but we stretched and stretched Kaduna till it became a city of parallels and faith an identity. I have not been to this part of Kaduna, the Christian part, for more than a decade now, since after the bloody crisis in the early 2000s.

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