Deuteronomy or Book of Dust

An excerpt from ‘The Poet of Dust’
in the pantheon of words
P         O         E        T          R        Y               R           U           L           E            S

                                                                                                    in the pantheon of words

POETRY is the wind, the clouds of fragrance, the breeze, the breath of GOD, foul odour, the rotten smell of truth, the monstrous phallus, scrotum of the inner corridors of the vagina, luscious liquids, delicious meal, firm buttocks, inviting thighs, episodic fragments of LUST in love, the secrets of the aphrodisiac, the KAMASUTRA of words, the katap, the kitip, the kurup, the expansion of ambitious climes, the white teeth of the brown ZEBRA, the innocence of ghosts, the piety of atheists, the doubt of the holy priest of Rome, the elephant’s hoof, the saddle of the blue unicorn, the excessive drunkenness of…, the aromatic blindness of love, the emptiness in giant books, the necessity of lies, the garbage sea of filth, the multiplicity of the yellow Rubicon of Time, the oracle, the voice of the ORACLE, tiny threads and crystals loops that lead to the opium of INSANITY, the annihilation of Hallaj, the boat of ETHICS in the river of IDEAL, the voyaging ships of TRUTH in seas without shores, the museum of words in the island of ash, the ROOM without a door or window, the hibiscus of guilt, the white mind of the honest thief, the luminosity in the blackened hearts of MURDERERS, the beautiful equations in the brain of SCHIZOPHRENICS, the extended tongues, the crucified EYES of the battered sky, the goblets of wine in the tavern of    P    U    R     E       P    O   E     T     R     Y


P      O     E      T      R        Y                 R        U        L     E      S     !


About the Poet:

Umar Abubakar Sidi is a Nigerian naval helicopter pilot. His poems have appeared in Brittle Paper, Jalada, Praxis Magazine, Saraba and elsewhere. He lives in Lagos.

You can pre-order Abubakar Sidi’s poetry collection ‘The Poet of Dust’ here.