Becoming and Other Poems

Your freedom
Will not come suddenly
But in bouts of doubts
In whispers of held back truths.

You keep my embers burning.

The Mundane

Cooking for two.
A conversation about something meaningless that makes us laugh.
Fighting over which movie to watch.
Drinking cheap wine after a long day of meaningless work.
Sharing reheated leftovers just before pay day.
Forgetting movie nights and anniversaries.
Arguing about nothing and everything before bed.
That’s the happy ever after.
The fairytale.


You once asked me to forgive my mother.
I didn’t realize then,
That you were asking me
To forgive myself.


Now that no one is watching
What will you write?
Now that you are alone
Your thoughts will come out of the hollows
But where will they go?
Now that they are no longer here
What shall you do?

About the Poet:

Keith Mundangepfupfu is a young Zimbabwean poet, passionate about words, the power can they have on human beings and the world. Keith has been published in Brittle Paper.
Follow him on Twitter at @Whiplash16 and on Instagram @Tino_Munda to read more of his work.