Four Poems by Chelsea Coon

Title: 4:34:18 PST

stars disperse
form new existence
it is in this way that
nothing in this universe
is ever truly lost

forms change
what came before informs that
of which is yet
to come


Title: 13:01:23 PST

Because I think about gravestone with birth dates and no death dates,
I think of graves being filled in,
I think about the grass growing over the tops of them.


Title: 01:11:19 EST

embed in cells
fragments of dust
essential/ life.
Attempt an understanding
who we are
relations to/in the universe
look to the intimately microscopic particles
apart of and in relation
to the overwhelmingly macroscopic
gain a sense/perspective.

star formations are parallels
to the life of humans.
a birth, mid-life and a death.
After death the particles of the momentarily lifeless star
are projected back out into the vastness
combine with other dust particles in gas clouds
when fusion occurs
life is.


Title: 20:20:01 EST

Beginnings and endings
Life and death
Internal and external spaces
And the imminence of existence.


Writer’s Bio:

Chelsea Coon is an artist and writer. Through endurance and duration, her works examine beginnings and endings, phases, and the way in which the body on an elemental level is rooted to space. She has exhibited extensively across North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, notably in London, Tokyo and Sydney, among others. Coon is the author of No One Thing is the Root of All Anything: Phases and Performance of the Imminent (Los Angeles: Not a Cult, 2018). She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (2012, School of the Museum of Fine Arts), Master of Fine Arts (2014, Tufts University), and Certificate of Advanced Studies in Theatre, Performance and Contemporary Live Arts (2015, University of Applied Sciences and Arts’ Scuola Teatro Dimitri). She is the recipient of the Rose Hill Performance Art Award and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant. Coon is a PhD candidate at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. She lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.