Issue I

Enkare Review Issue I Cover Image ‘Mutua in the City‘ (c) 2017 Imeldah Natasha Kondo – a self-taught photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya. Find more of her work on Behance

In this Issue:

Editorial; An Introduction to Issue I


Sub Migratio by Stephen Embleton

Death of the Guava Farm by Wanjala Njalale

Yellow and a Funeral by Wairimũ Mũrĩithi

Itunu by Eboka Chukwudi Peter

Who Will Tell This Story by Amatesiro Dore

The Twenty Pa’cent Offer by Frances Ogamba


Into the Sun & Other Poems by Michelle Angwenyi

Gay Boy Blues & Other Poems by Romeo Oriogun

Hājar in the House of Rust & Other Poems by K.A.ALI


Wooing a City: Nairobi Origins by Otiato Guguyu

Regarding Literary Magazines: An Interview with David Remnick


Plato by M.V Sematlane

As a Dewdrop in the Bed of a Tropical Leaf by Sylvie Taussig

Ibwe by Mapule Mohulatsi

Aeaea by Liam Kruger